Possible to change the temple in the middle of the song?


For instance
let’s take a look at the song Name by Goo Goo Dolls
they actually sped up the temple a bit in the chorus part
so is it possible to do that with my beatbuddy??


I’m trying to,figure this,out myself…


Re: Possible to change the tempo in the middle of the song?

Currently the only way is using the tap tempo feature, you would need to assign one of the external switches as tap tempo when playing.


Changing tempo in the middle of a song is possible through setting one of the playing footswitch functions to Tap Tempo, although this change in tempo requires you to tap the correct tempo in while you are playing (i.e. this is not something that can be set ahead of time), and when you would want to change the tempo back to the original speed, you would also need to tap it in again - meaning, that it won’t just revert back to the default tempo in the middle of the song.

A feature of switching between preset tempos is currently not available.