Possible to load custom sections?

Is it now possible to use the SDCARD and upload your own loop tracks?

I.e., If I were to create a song with 3 sections that is just 1s of noise on track 1 for each section, could I save that song to the SDCARD, replace the WAV files, and then use that song with my custom track 1?

In this way I could record backing tracks and then play over them and add new tracks during playback?

I found a bunch of similar topics but they were from last year so sorry if this is common knowledge now.

Bro I don’t know but I imagine with the sd card you would see your songs and it would be exactly like you left last time also there is micro USB so you could just cooneect to your computer also the overdubs merge the base layer so there potentially could be only two layers saved on each track but yes I have heard each yrack is saved separately if you wanted to alter them or learn them not sure if it audio or midi saved though

Hi there, no this is not possible, the Aaron’s can still not accept imported files. This needs to be addressed in the firmware to function. Sadly, this is not a shortcut to make this work. You can always take files created on the Aeros out of the SD card though, so that means exporting works fine when using the SD.

Thank you for your question.

What meta information does aeros rely on in the wav files that prevent import? It can’t be much. BPM? Track/part number?

from Dev:
“The client would like to create song offline and import them in the looper, but to do this, he would need to edit .meta file to include all the parameter present in song.proto file… and for now it is not possible, only looper software can write and read this file.”

We will make this functional soon!

Any update for this yet?

Hey there,

Not currently, it is on our minds however