Possible to set different tempos in same playlist?

I saw another post that asked about this in October of 2021 and the Product Manager said at that time they were setting it at Med-long -term fix. Not knowing what that means, I thought I’d check in.

I am learning to use this great beat buddy pedal and I love it (although I’m not real tech savvy), but am having a challenge learning to build a set list using the same beats, for example: Blues 1 or Country Shuffle 1, in the same set list, but with different tempos for different songs. I don’t have any problem getting the songs into the setlist. I only need to use about 8 - 10 total different beats for all of the songs I play and just need to adjust the tempos in the songs, but I can’t find the setting to change to make the tempo stay where I place it for each song in the set (playlist). It just keeps changing back to the default setting. This seems to happen whether I have the “Default Tempo” Enabled or Disabled in the Main Pedal selection in settings. I don’t want to have to bend down to change the tempo every time I use Blues 1 in my night if I’m using it for 10+ songs, it defeats the purpose of the hands free pedal. If there hasn’t been a fix for this but there is a fairly easy work around that someone could walk me through I would greatly appreciate the assistance.

Hope I’m not missing something here but are you using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to create a folder with the beats you want? If so, you can rename the beats and set the tempos and then use the BBM to synchronize your project to your SD card and then reorganize the songs on your pedal playlist.