Post rock...something?

Doesn’t anybody here play/hear something different than; classic rock/prog, whatever they play in bars? It would be cool to find “virtual drummers” that “play” in the styles of GYBE, Sonic Youth, pixies, my bloody valentine, joy division, cranes…ppppplease!!!


Hi tiotip. If you have specific song requests, post them. Somebody may have them or be able to work them up for you.

Hi! Thank you your reply. I was referring more to the style than finding a song. Like for example; drumbeats in the style of “Stephen Morris” (Joy Division). But I guess your suggestions is a start too. Cheers!

There’s a one press beat for Love Will Tear Us Apart, if that helps?

Hello! Posting to an old thread here. I just got my BB today. Very fun and intuitive!
I am also interested in some alternative styles. I have been working on the guitar part in alternate tuning of Sonic Youth’s Teenage Riot. Anyone have something?

I’ll take a look at this one but it’ll be in the one-press formats.

Also taking a look at some My Bloody Valentine and Mastodon but that may be a while unless someone has something specific they’d like.