Potential Bug: Full audio drop until save

I am on the latest update.
When working to create a song in either 2x2 or 6x6. and I have not saved my song since inception, I will suddenly lose all audio out from the loops. This happens at the end of creating a new loop. I will ‘end recording’ and all loops go silent. The sound that goes through the Aeros will continue so I know it is not a physical connection issues. No amount of re-triggering, stopping or starting will make the sound come out. I can see the loops playing through. However only when I stop and then save does the music return. I am saving to SD. No errors come up. This has happed four times since the beta update.

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Hey there,

What version of the Aeros are you currently using, please let me know the specific version number

Did the master volume fader go down? Or is the master volume all the way up at 0dB when this happens?

Let me know thanks

SW 5.0beta1.

It is not the Master volume adjusting. I can still hear my guitar through the device, and the master also indicates the loop is playing out. However, I cannot hear the loops.

This would happen if the fader turned all the way down, this is a known issue in 5.0.0

The master fader does not affect live playthrough volume

Please verify for me and let me know thanks!

Hey Brennan,
I have this same issue with V5.0.0 Beta 1 using a song that only has a backing track, intermittently the master volume goes to 0.00 on playback, but other sound source e.g guitar is still playing from the main input.
going to the mixer the master volume is 0 and raising the volume or exiting the song and restarting solves the problem.

As mentioned this could happen at anytime and I haven’t managed to recreate the event that causes this to occur, though it does happen often. Hopefully a fix is coming in a later release as the backing track feature is very helpful even at this entry stage.


I did verify. It is when the internal audio clips from the input channel. Then the Master goes to zero, though instruments still play through .

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Do you happen to have an EXP pedal?

If you do could you try out calibrating it on the Aeros? There is potential this will help one user reported this

Yes the Exp pedal resolved the issue, and I see the new 5.0.0 has this resolved. Thanks for the help sorry the reply took a while.