"Pots n' Pans" Drum Kit... Yay, or Nay?


For those of us waiting on our Beat Buddies to go through the [Chinese government’s launch on a wide-scale anti-corruption campaign targeting Chinese customs organizations] “bottleneck” debacle that had seized production, we were offered an extra Drum Kit to our collection for our troubles. A small handful of kit options were listed that we had a vote on. One of which was a “Pots n’ Pans” Kit, for which I am all for! I sure hope you all concur. It would open up a whole new level of creative playing. (Metal beats with a “Pots n’ Pans” kit? What the WHAT!?) What say you? Yay or Nay? I say, HELL YAY!!! :twisted:


I voted for Pots 'n Pans when the choice was originally offered. So yeah, bring on the kitchenware. :sunglasses:


I say no. Kitchenware might be useful … in the kitchen … and on one or maybe two novelty songs, but certainly not useful enough to make up for all the time I’ve been waiting. I’m looking for usefulness here.
I don’t want people to say, “What the h?” I want people to say, “wow” and I think clinging and clanging will, after one song, send people packing.


I agree with you, RustyP, to a degree, that an entire set played with a “pots n’ pans” kit may drive the general populous insane. (think “STOMP”… ugh!.. unless you’re into that kinda’ thing.) There is an audience for every act. But, then again, there are also styles of music that would merit from a cacophonous kit like “pots n’ pans”.

However, :idea: the idea is not to solely use a “pots n’ pans” kit, but to have the option to throw it out there and surprise your audience with the unexpected “clinging and clanging”. Audiences would eat it up. A break from the predictable norm. Besides, it’s what you wrap around the backbone of a “pots n’ pans” kit in composition that will make it or break it. Carefully crafted, one could much benefit from a taste of the obscure (or absurd, if you will) entwined in their music.

The bottom line is, do we really want/need another blasé, slightly modified drum kit that may never get noticed in the mix? Or do we want something that will stand out and make people say, “What the h?” AND “wow”… :?: