Power cable length

Might be trivial but the power cable is so short.

I’m sure there must be an extension lead available but how do we know what one is the correct size etc.

If you could source one I’m sure people would buy them, or a longer leaded adapter… I have a 5 metre lead going to my other pedal (it doesn’t fit or I’d buy another)

I love my beat buddy though, just don’t want a plug and socket at my feet…

Also the supplied usb cable…useless, I binned it.

The BB uses a standard size power jack. You could add something like a Visual Sounds One Spot daisy chain which would extend the power cable and give you 4 more plugs to power other pedals (just watch the total power consumption so you don’t go over the power delivered by the power supply). A cleaner solution would be to buy a Visual Sound One Spot power adapter and use that as your power supply. It has a long cord that would hopefully be long enough. I tested mine with the BB and it worked fine with plenty of power left to power other pedals.

It is a standard sized 9v jack, so you can use several types of power extensions or daisy chain cables, with your existing BB power unit

Many of us will probably hook this up to pedal boards, so you can even hook it up to a multi power unit on your pedal board, but if you do, be careful to use a (+) centre cables, (reversing cables are available), most normal guitar pedals are (-) centre and you don’t want to mix them up.

Standard pedal ac.

If you want longer, a One Spot ($18US adapter, $28US kit), actually has a 10’ cord, which is pretty darn long.

The other concern here is, if you buy a One Spot kit you probably don’t want to daisy chain with another digital pedal. I’ve found that digital pedals will introduce interference (unacceptable interference BTW). Analog pedals seem to daisy chain ok,

although YMMV.

I can confirm the interference when daisy chaining, at least with my Boss pedals.

I think that usually is down to poor quality cables/power units or sometimes even the power supply itself. All electronic devices are subject to some power line noise issues.

small aside… My bass player has terrible problems at out rehearsal studio when we play at night, he gets an earth hum when we have to turn the lights on. and has to make sure he’s always touching his strings…lights off, no problem!!

Make sure your power chain is fully grounded, it should fix most problems. Also, again like most electronic devices, the BB does have a tiny bit of noise on its output, which if you over gain can get exaggerated. Try not to have the BB at full volume, 3/4’s is usually fine and set your PC/Amps gain to a sensible level and use volume to get more…erm volume.

No, it isn’t the quality of the power supply or cable. It’s having another pedal daisy chained with it. Multiple tests make me very sure of this.