Power failure

After having my Beat Buddy for about 1 year, it no longer turns on when I plug it into the AC Adapter. I have tried other 9V 500ma adapters, but nothing works.

How do I get a replacement unit?

Do you have a backup SD card that you can try before you contact support@mybeatbuddy.com

Sorry. I do not. What does the SD card have to do with the unit powering up?

If your SD card were corrupted somehow, your pedal would appear to not be able to power up.


The BB should power up without the SD card. The window will show NO SD CARD.

I’ll take it out and try that.


What is the expected lifetime for a power supply? My one stopped working after about 8 months. I am using an old transformer-type Roland one which I have been using for more than 20 years! I bought a new Roland power supply which sometimes causes hiccups but have stopped using it.

No Luck. Unit is dead.

Opened a Conversation with you.

Hi Craig. It depends on how and where you use it. Some last for quite a while e.g., some of mine have been working for ten years now but I would certainly characterize my use as light duty (they’re stationary and don’t get moved to different outlets). If you are constantly unplugging and plugging your pedal back in at different venues with questionable power sources, YMMV.

If it’s your BB pedal power supply, contact @BeatBuddy Support for assistance.

If I’m reading this right, the issue is it fails to power up., I’m noticing my power jack is getting more finnicky as well as time goes on, and it makes me worry that it too might fail. Is anyone else having issues with their power jack getting a bit flaky, or is it just me (and, I believe, CraigR)?


In what way is it getting finicky? Does it happen with other compatible power adapters as well? (compatible: 9 volt, center negative, 300+ mA)

Sorry, should have been more specific: If the barrel of the power supply is jostled – even lightly – in any way, the pedal turns off. Depending on where the power supply barrel ends up, sometimes it reboots, and sometimes you have to wiggle it to get it back in play. This happens with the original power supply, a generic supply, and a Dunlop Brick (I THINK it’s a Dunlop Brick – my pedal board is not here at the office – but it could be another manufacturer).

So I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with the power jack on the pedal.

FWIW, that pedal has been securely mounted on a board since I got it, and has not been heavily jostled or abused.


Sorry to hear the power jack is getting unreliable. The video for the ‘Norbert Hack’ shows that the power jack isn’t mounted to the circuit board, it’s standalone - mechanically attached to the side of the pedal body and attached electrically with two wires. If you’re OK with soldering and a little mechanical assembly, you could replace it. An easier thing to try first is to get some contact cleaner and clean the metal inside the jack. You can also try bending the contacts with a small screw driver to get them to clamp down on the barrel a little better. IMO, bending contacts is temporary at best.

The court of last resort is BB tech support - ask them for a jack or see how much to do a repair.

I did not know that. Perhaps – after a good cleaning and tightening – may have to replace it. It’s great to know that I can easily do so.

Thanks a ton!


I’ll pop the cover off mine tonight and give you a better read on the details of what it might take and whether or not it’s a common part.

I was correct, they are not soldered directly to the circuit board. The jack is mounted to the pedal case. The leads are soldered to the side of the board that’s facing you when you open the back so it’s a really easy replacement if you want to DIY. This jack looks to be about right as a replacement:


Great – thanks!

I’ve been gigging with the other bands, so I haven’t had time to pay proper attention to this yet, but I will, and soon…