Power issue?

I am finding that I can only power my beatbuddy with a separate wall wart charger. I had previously used my Voodoo Lab Power2 plus to power it along with 5-8 other pedals. All other pedals power up fine, but when I plug in the BeatBuddy, it powers up, but then powers down after a few seconds. When I use the separate charger, it works fine.
I tried swapping out the cables, tried unplugging all the other pedals, nothing works.

Sounds like a charger you use provides not enough power for all the pedals plus BeatBuddy. Thought it provides enough power to all the rest of your pedals.
BeatBuddy is pretty power consuming (I remember figures of up to 500-800 mA).

When chaining pedals, power consumption is a paramount consideration. I think there may be 1 or 2 outlets on your PP2 (I the same) that can power the Beat Buddy; alone. Nothing else must be chained to it.
Since my BB is on it’s own board I just use the included power supply.

Most of the ports on those power distribution blocks are limited in current, usually well under 300ma per port. Since the BB requires 400+ma, it means combining multiple ports with a special cable so that you can double the current while keeping the voltage the same. You’ll also want to make sure the two combined ports are in an isolated block.

Ahah, I fortuitously used the right plug from the start. The PP2 has 2 outlets for higher powered pedals, and once I re-plugged into the stronger outet, all good.

Was hoping I could daisy chain my new BB in with my other Boss pedals on the 9v . It seems to work, but is it safe to link it this way

The BeatBuddy uses a 500mA 9V center-negative power supply.
Make sure the polarity is correct, and the power source is strong enough. If it works, it is pretty safe. The only unsafe thing that will most likely destroy your BeatBuddy is applying more than 9V (like 12V). Doing so will, however, void the warranty and I wouldn’t recommend you trying it. Using wrong polarity or lower voltage will not break the pedal, but it simply won’t turn on.

In order to keep your BeatBuddy working as long as possible, keep in mind to only use compatible power sources!