Power on failure

Plugged power supply into my Beat Buddy and nothing comes on. Not trying to anything different, it’s like it just died.

Try this:

  • Remove power jack and SD card
  • Reinsert power jack
  • Insert SD card
  • If no power still, firmly push plug in and wiggle it to see if the pedal lights lights up
  • If it does power up, allow it to start up–do not disconnect
  • If still no power or display remains white, please contact support @singularsound.com

I tried the routine you sent me, unplug, remove SD card, restart, & still no power on. What do you recommend now?

Jim, we can try a remote session to restore power but I have a low degree of confidence that this will work.
Your other options are to arrange replacing it from where you bought it, or to contact Support for a return.
If you want to try the first option, let me know and I’ll send you a PM.

I bought it direct from Singular Sound (sent to me from Lancaster, PA.)so I guess I need to send it back for replacement. I have the original box for the Beat Buddy and power supply…can you tell me how handle the return? Thanks!

Good idea. Contact support@singularsound.com and paste the link from this thread into your e-mail so they can quickly reference it.

I just sent the link and requested further instructions for the return. Thank you for your assistance.