Power Supplies

Voodoo Labs offers up the ISO 5 or Power Pedal 2+. . Which one will best power by Beat buddy and Infinity looper

Honestly, either will work. You just have to use one of the 400ma outs for it. Inventory your pedals and see how many you have that require high output, then make your decision from there. I have both an ISO 5 and a 4x4, Both work just fine using the 400ma out.

*Edit: the ISO-5 has a 300ma out, which should be sufficient.

MrHarryReems, have you tried the 300mA output of the ISO-5 with the BeatBuddy? The 4x4 is overkill for my little pedal board but I want to make sure somebody has successfully used the ISO-5 with BB.

300mA is the minimum mA needed for the BeatBuddy, so it should work. The power adapter included by default is 500 mA. Just make sure that the power adapter you use is also 9 volt and center negative.

The ISO-5 actually has a 400mA output, and it works just fine. I just pulled the BB off of my board and plugged it into the ISO-5 with no problems.

I bought the ISO-5 and it is working perfectly. I was surprised that you said the ISO-5 had a 400 mA output since the pictures and specs on the GC website show a 300 mA output. But when I unboxed mine I saw that the port is indeed labeled 400 mA. So they must have upgraded this along the way and the GC website was never updated.

Anyways, thanks for your input!