Power supply current?

the quality of the power supply that came with the beatbuddy is . I often take the adapter with me, but you notice that the cord is already bad after winding it three times. I have another power supply (1spot) but it supplies 1.7 A. where can I buy a good power supply for the Beatbuddy in the Netherlands?
Is it save to use this power supply?

This is the power supply deleaverd with the Beatbuddy

Some users report that this PSU works: https://www.amazon.com/MyVolts-Adaptor-Compatible-Singular-BeatBuddy/dp/B01NAM1Y7O?th=1

See the bottom of this web page for availability of the myvolts PSU in other EU countries https://myvolts.com

I assume that if you mean the 1Spot, as long as it’s 9VDC, center negative, and the connector fits the BB power input, you should be able to use it.

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Thanks, the one spot doesn’t work. I also use the one spot for other effects. When I connect my BB to the same one spot I get weird noises.

Sorry to hear that. Let us know what you end up buying to replace your BeatBuddy (BB) PSU.


That’s odd about the one-spot, I use the one-spot Pro 12 and have had magnificent results

Before using nondigital pedals with BB and Aeros was much noisier, some PSUs have false claims about being an isolated PSU. It could be your one-spot is damaged!

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I use the one spot for 5 other pedals and it works fine on them. When I connected the BB to it, it started interfering. my 5 other pedals are on my guitar input of the amp and my BB on my line in / mp3 input.
so I disconnected the power supply from the BB through the one spot and reconnected the BB power supply and the fault was gone.