Power Supply Fail

Hi Ive got a beat buddy power supply that has failed.
I emailed support with no response. Is there any tips on constructing an alternate one.
Does the plug type have a name?

Thanks heaps

They will get back to you soon! In the meantime, what you need is a beefy “Boss” type adapter. Look at the one you have and I believe it will say it needs to be 9V DC, 500mA (or so), and a negative center pin, and that is a fairly common power supply. That way, you can continue jamming until they can send you out a replacement! You probably have one laying around, or can daisy chain it.

(By “beefy” I just mean you can’t use one of the little cheap 100mA ones)

Just to follow up I talked to support. The technical support was AWESOME
Thanks heaps Jay and the BEATBUDDY team!