Power Supply

Hi all, just received my pedal a couple of days ago and love it, unfortunately the power supply has failed (it won’t power up the BeatBuddy or any Boss pedals). The specs as advertised are 9v 500Ma, I have my normal Boss pedal power bricks… each produces 9V 1000Ma power supply is this safe to use, I don’t want to blow the unit up. I have contacted support here in Australia with the fault so that will run its course and I am sure they will replace the power supply, just want to be able to use while I am waiting on a replacement power supply

Is the power supply you intend to use center negative?

Yes it is the same as the one with the unit it is just delivering 1000Ma not 500Ma from my reading it should be ok just want to check in

A power supply that can handle 1000ma of current will be able to handle a 500ma draw without any issues. As long as your voltages and polarity are correct, it should be just fine.

Thanks to those who responded really appreciate it and love the forum here for this equipment so many knowledgeable people who are willing to post their advice and fruits of their efforts for others to enjoy

I sent a message regarding this fault the unit is only 4 days old and needs replacement

Was contacted by tech support overnight and power supply is being replaced, thanks a lot and great support couldn’t ask for more!