Powering up

is it normal to see ‘No SD card’ for a moment when powering up?

Yes. It takes a moment for the pedal to go through the boot process and that display is part of it. As long as the folders and songs load and diaplay, your pedal is good.

Thanks, it’s brand new. Sounds awesome

Also is it normal for the BB not to power up if the SD card is inserted. Mine will only power up if the SD card is not inserted and you then insert the card after power is on? Does not seem right. Had it for a week!

When the pedal is functioning properly, it should power up whether the SD card is inserted or not inserted.

Make sure you have the power cable fully seated and that you are using the power adaptor that came with your pedal.

Download a fresh copy of the firmware, unzip it and with your unlocked SD card inserted in your computer, copy or drag the firmware files to the card. Eject the card and with power off on your pedal, insert the card and then plug the power cable into your pedal. One of 3 things will happen

  1. The pedal will power up, or
  2. The pedal will power up and start the firmware update process, or
  3. The pedal will not power up

If the pedal will not power on, please contact Support via e-Mail.

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