powers off when adding usb cable

Hello, I am new member my Beat Buddy is a couple weeks old. I see that my same concern has been posted here earlier. I would just like to add that my beat buddy is not affected at all when the power turns off by itself. I have the latest firmware installed at the factory. I can plug and unplug the usb the power shuts off if I reconnect the power Beat buddy comes right back up everything works doesn’t miss a beat. I can do this over and over again with out any problems. What my problem is in earlier post recommendations were that the person needed a new Beat buddy and got one. Also what I gather from earlier posts is the Beat buddy is supposed to work by just plugging in the usb and power at the same time. So my question, are there any updates to this issue fixes, patches, repairs, etc.or should I get it replaced. Thanks in advance, Bob

At first, try using another USB cable.
If the problem still persists, there must be a short circuit somewhere. E-mail to contact@mybeatbuddy.com.

At first, try using another USB cable.
If the problem still persists, there must be a short circuit somewhere. E-mail to contact@mybeatbuddy.com.

Thanks for the help. I have three different usb cables none of them fit. I hate to go buy a cable after spending so much already. That also may not be the problem. Do you think beat buddy will send me a cable?

You’d better double check that your unit is indeed faulty by using another USB cable. It’s actually a simple mini-USB to USB cable. Does none of your friends have one? You need it for like 2 minutes.

Your situation will be crystal clear after that point.

  • If your BeatBuddy will work fine with another cable, then your shipped USB cable is faulty. And I am mostly positive you will be sent with a new one.
  • If your BeatBuddy still shuts down with another cable, the whole unit may be faulty, and you may need to ship it back for a replacement.

Anyway, you need to send an email to support I’ve provided you and wait for a reply. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to ship your pedal back only to find out the USB cable was the reason.

O.k. borrowed a cable same thing. What I noticed this time I do not even have to have the usb in the computer. I just have the beat buddy sitting on the table plugged in to a/c power, plug either usb cable into socket on beat buddy knocks the power right out. I will be contacting support next. Thanks again.

My BB does the exact same thing. There are a few other threads regarding the same issue. Keep us posted on how this turns out. My guess is it’s a faulty unit, but it took a year to finally get it the first time, don’t really want to send it back until the turnaround improves. In the mean time I just put the SD card into a USB reader.

If you already tested your unit with at least one other USB cable of the same type, then this does indeed sound like a short circuit hardware issue, and most likely needs to be replaced. If you need to get your unit replaced, always email us first, and we will provide specific instructions on how to return it.

@scudd Once we receive the unit and inspect it (and we see that we cannot repair it), we will send out a replacement right away. We usually inspect it within two days of receiving it, and our warehouse typically sends packages out in the same time frame once they receive the order from us. The reason that you had to wait a year to get your unit was because all of our early orders were pre-orders, so nothing was even produced at the time of the early bird purchases. Now we have everything in stock and ready to ship out, so you can expect your replacement unit to arrive within 10 business days from the day we receive it. Send us an email and we will take care of the rest. :slight_smile:

Just received your email with instructions. Thanks

UPDATE: Sent my beat buddy back as per instructions. This was a hassle free process and from start to finish only took six days. The outcome was a new Beatbuddy. This Beat buddy works as should. The only down side was it cost me 12.00 dollars to ship back. That is kind of normal. I had problems with a pedal from the analogman he did the same thing. My only regret was I got pissed off and never sent it back to him now I have a 175.00 pedal that does not work properly. So at the end of the day I got my beatbuddy back and it works. Thanks for all the help members and staff.