Praise Tune with BB "Our God is Greater"

3rd Song!

What beat are you using for this, as I don’t recognise it - I assume you made it yourself? I am now so used to playing to a chord loop that I really miss hearing it on very empty tracks. If you have not already, look at my demo of using the beatbuddy in church, I give a link to the ones that I use in the blurb - one is even totally free or you can donate something towards it. You should give it a try, you could even add it in post production.

Thanks so much for asking me about the tune! I look forward to corresponding with you and learning! I’m using a setting in the pedal! Reggae 1-back/ 4/4/ Standard/ 96 bpm

Wow, that did not sound like Reggae, must try some of them out!

Our God…