Pre-order shipping date

When preordering original preorder ship date was Sept. 26, now is late October. What happened? Anxiously awaiting!!

Haven’t you read the latest email?

Title: Important BeatBuddy Shipping Update
From: BeatBuddy: Guitar pedal drum machine

It sums what has happened. TLDR: China customs are having temporary troubles, that are affecting shipping. I am also eagerly waiting for this second shipping wave. My second BeatBuddy and an official (white) footswitch are about to come!!

I’m signed up for updates but did not get that email, I’ll have to check my spam folder- Thanks,

Any idea when orders placed with AMS (American Music Supply) will arrive? Their date says June 10, but all other online stores say end of June? Is there still some major backlog for components from China or something?

Just do yourself a favor… cancel the order. Order it directly and you’ll be jamming within the week most likely. I went through a painful wait with Guitar Center, then I finally gave up and got it directly… FAST. I could have had it over two months ago if I had done that in the first place.