Preloaded artists

Hi guys!
Before buying the Beatbuddy I was watching a lot of review videos on Youtube and lot of them showed that it comes with preloaded artists and a few songs for each artist. But now when I got I realised that there are no artists anymore only a couple genres with a few “songs”. Maybe someone wants to share that content that used to be for free :slight_smile:
Have a great day everyone!

Hi - can you link to one of the videos that you mention? skip to 4:45 of the video

I think he has the at least some of the Premium Library which is an extra purchase. In the video description it says

Just want to be clear it does NOT come with all the premium artist presets out of the box.

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I might got it wrong. Maybe they added the artists for free for that guy.

This was brought up quite a while back in another thread.

I think the key term used by Sean Daniel was “Singular Sound sent me a Beat Buddy to try out.” Singular Sound probably also provided him with additional premium content that is not (and never was) included with the BeatBuddy (BB) default content.


Yeah cool thanks for making it clear.

Although it’s true that the Premium content isn’t free, there’s always great user created content on the forum! We do have an amazing deal on the premium content running right now, click here to check it out.

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