Premium beat downloads

is the download from singular, the same as the download from

this is seriously confusing, as the prices are seriously different.
for what appears to be the same thing from the same people.

The Full Premium download shows up as the same price when I just checked both sites. I don’t know about the individual songs/drumsets, but the full package appears the same price to me ($219 USD).

They are the same content with the exception that on you can also get the Groove Monkee content which adds to the price. But for Premium Library alone the price is the same and content is the same.

I hope that we can merge these two websites to reduce this confusion going forward.

o.k… next question do downloads work, or should i wait to do this?

there working even though the front page says differently

Good to hear! We’ve been working for the last 5 days or so on a migration of the backend of the website and that was one of the things we were still fixing when I stepped out of the office on Friday. I’ll get the banner edited now. :slight_smile:

Likely might be because of the migration, but how do I download content I’ve previously purchased? For example I had purchased the the ‘Country Beats’ collection shown below, but there is nowhere I can find the list of what I had purchased so I can download again if needed. Clicking on the ‘PURCHASED’ link does nothing. My password does work from the ‘CART’ at ‘’ when I put something in the cart, but otherwise there seems to be nowhere else that I found to login to see all my previous purchases. Will I be able to access my purchased content following the migration at the Singular website and if I should need a new login ID will my purchased content be linked to the new ID?
Some seem to have gotten emails regarding a password reset associated with the migration which perhaps also explains the migration. I did not receive an email(?)

Ah - so right now there are two websites. and The country beats collection should be viewable by signing in here: My Account | Premium Library for BeatBuddy. The fact that these two websites are separate has been a thorn in my side for some time by causing confusion like this and it’s something I’m looking to fix moving forward. :slight_smile: If that link doesn’t show your history please email me at and we’ll get it figured out.

Thanks Anthony, that ‘My Account’ link got me to where I can see and download if needed my previous purchases. Now that I go back to the main ‘Premium Library’ site page there was a 20% off banner that hid the main header and the means to log in and get to my account. I dismissed the 20% off banner and that revealed the main header where I could log in. I didn’t notice the ‘dismiss’ link on the other previous times I went there. I believe I’m all set now. Thanks for the help :+1:.