Premium Collection April Update - Brazilian Percussion not working as expected

Downloaded the April Update and added the Brazillian Percussion Drumset and the Beats to my existing Library using the BB Manager and synced it to my SD Card in BB.
When I try to play the new Songs (Beats) some of them play but most don’t, Some show a standard Drumset being used and I don’t understand what’s going on.
This maybe due to me not knowing how to use them properly so I would be grateful for some guidance.

There’s a specific Brazilian Percussion Drumset designed for these beats. in BBmanager go to your drumsets and check that kit. if its not checked , the BBM will default to another kit. it should be on the sd card with the download.


Hey, if you have any trouble feel free to reach out to for assistance!

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Thanks LeeMo,
That fixed it, I did wonder what those check boxes were for as most of the kits don’t have one.

Nice to know, thank you Brennan.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

@BrennanSingularSound On a similar note, I’ve noticed that I have both a World Percussion drum set and a World Percussion Plus drum set showing in the list in BBM, but whenever I check the box for the World Percussion Plus drum set, synchronize, and then go back into BBM, that specific drum set is no longer checked. It seems odd that that one set won’t stay checked…is there a reason for that?

Hey there, this is a known bug, we will be addressing this in the redesign.