Premium content different to the song

Hi I have the premium library content and so am referring to the Summer of 69 track included in this post.

The BB track has 11 parts but they don’t seem to match the song order. For example the high hat bright chorus in the BB track only half he time is in the correct order in the actual song. I can’t for the life of me work out how to make it work. I can match up the mostly silent bridge with the song but that means omitting parts 1,2,3 all together because the first into riff and verse sections have no drums. That is ok. But if I align it different do the chorus matches the chorus then the bridge doesn’t match… I am talking about the order as you click through them. Any advice on this is much appreciated.

Music is interpretative in the sense that, try as hard as we might, there is probably no perfect copy of somebody else’s material. :persevere:

Hard to say how Goran was assembling the song parts (chart, sheet music or by ear). Also difficult to know which version of the song he was working from (album, live, etc). If the song sections are all there, you could try rearranging them in the order you want them in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). I would do that with a copy of the song so that you retain the original.


It seems to work okay for me. Like you said, there are no drums on the intro and first part of the first verse. So . . .

  1. Start the BB on “Me and some guys from school . . .”

  2. Then hold it down for the “chorus” (I call it the pre-chorus) starting at “Oh, when I look back now…”

  3. Then hold it down for the Interlude - the short D - A part (I call THIS the chorus, even though there aren’t any words the first time through)

  4. Then back into verse 2 “Ain’t no use in complaining . . .”

  5. Chorus “Standing on your mama’s porch . . .”

  6. Interlude “Oh yeah, back in the summer of 69”

  7. Bridge “Man, we were killing time . . .”

  8. Breakdown (short, just 2 bars)

  9. Verse

  10. Chorus

  11. Outro with fills

FYI In the summer of 1969 Bryan Adams was 11 years old. I don’t think this song is about the year . . .


Thanks so much for your detailed reply and information. This helps me so much. Thanks again!!!

Thanks, I can play around with it!

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