Premium content not showing up on pedal even after synchronization.

I bought a couple premium packs and updated my Firmware to 1.85 and my Manager to Got the content onto the manager and synched it to the pedal. When I use the pedal and look at the song files the premium content is not listed. It only shows the default folders. Blues, rock etc. I am running Windows 10 fully updated. Would love some help. Thanks in advance.

I’m going to assume you meant BeatBuddy premium songs and not drum sets.
Did you import into the BBM as folders? If you didn’t, see if you can import the pbf file (it’s a folder containing all of the songs).

  • Make sure SD card is not locked (shutter on the side of card should be unlocked);
  • Save Project;
  • Sync Project to SD Card.
    See if the premium content folder(s) show up on your pedal.

Yes BB Premium songs. I imported the Drum sets with no problem at all. I imported as a folder and used each pbf file for each Song Package.
SD Card is unlocked.
I have saved Project.
I have Synched Project to SD Card.
I still only see the stock Folders on my Pedal. From Blues to Metronome. I am attaching some screen grabs.
I don’t know if this is relevant, but I also downloaded some free content from the resources tab here. I placed that content into the stock folders and it shows up on my pedal. Included a screen cap of that as well.

Not sure why images are not showing up. Will try again.

See if this works. From BBM menu, File > Export > Project to SD Card and then Sync.

Just make sure it’s saved to the top level of your SD card.

If this still doesn’t work, can you provide a screen shot of the contents of your SD card, please?

Should Project or songs be at the top? I will screen cap my current SD Card setup. I appreciate the help by the way.

Here is my SD Card right now.

Should look like the above. You’re saving at the root level of the SD card.

So how do I change that? Would I be better off just deleting everything and starting over?

As long as what you want saved is in your BeatBuddy Manager and to eliminate the chance that you might have previously made a mistake, you can delete the folders and all files except MLO and app on the SD card. From BBM menu, File > Export > Project to SD Card and then Sync.

Let me know how it turns out.

Okay. I downloaded the SD Card Backup from the BB website just in case and will try what you said. Delete everything except MLO and app.
Then from BBM menu, File > Export > Project to SD Card and then Sync. Will give it a shot right now.

When you are prompted to sync the project, just select the SD card and press okay. What you don’t want to do is to select a folder inside the SD card. Hope this makes sense.

So I deleted all the files and folders except the 2 you said to keep. Then I did a File > Export > Project to SD Card and then Sync. It brought up a box where I had to select the BB SD card location. I did and then it gave me an error message. I screen capped everything. I think I will need to just start over with a fresh install of everything on the card. I still have all my Premium content saved and can just add it all again. [ATTACH=full]4697[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4698[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4699[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4700[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4701[/ATTACH]

Are you connecting your pedal via USB cable to your computer? If so, your computer should have an SD slot reader. Try that instead.

Yes I don’t have a card reader so I am connecting the pedal via USB. I have it all sorted out now. I erased the entire card and installed the stock info back on to the card and just started from the beginning. All my premium content now shows up on my pedal. I am pretty sure my problem was installing the new content at the top of the song content, above Blues. This time I installed the new content at the bottom and it now shows up. Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate it. Good to know that this forum has people willing to help us new people.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.

Thanks for closing the loop. Strange that it would not sync with new content at the top of the folders instead of at the bottom in the BBM Project Explorer.

I am glad it worked out, but one thing I noticed is that originally you were trying to synchronize to ‘I:/Songs and it should be synchronized to ‘I:’, because that is the SD card itself. Always make sure you are exporting/synchronizing to the SD card itself, not one of its folders.

Yes I just noticed that myself. Thanks for pointing that out. It will definitely help me in the future. Thanks again persist and BB Support. Really appreciate the quick responsive help.