Premium Jazz Brushes

I purchased Jazz Brushes Drumset, when I import it, BB Manager says “Drumset Jazz Brushes is already project”.
I click “OK”.
When I pull the drop down to choose a Drumset, it doesn’t show up. I see “Jazz” in there but, no Jazz Brushes.

Also, I loaded the “Jazz Brushes” drum beats, the info say it only plays with the Jazz Brushes drumset. I am able to play with any drumset. This is when it is in BB Manager, maybe that’s different once I export to the pedal.



Check the drum set tab, can you see “Jazz Brushes”? Is there a tick box next to it? If there is ensure it is ticked, if you don’t tick the drumset then it will not be available in the drop down list. Watch my drumset editor tutorials for more info.

Thank You Psalm…That did the trick…:slight_smile: