Premium Libraries

Just wondering if there’s a place that I can go to hear a song or two from a premium Library. I’m thinking of purchasing complete but I want a sample from a full pop/rock song to see what I’ll be getting. I can’t find full examples anywhere…. Try before you buy.

Soundcloud has some samples at Stream BeatBuddy music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

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Thank you. I’ll check it out.

It would be real handy if they put the song titles for the cover songs in the notes.

Hi I’m having trouble with downloading Groove monkey. I down loaded the file and then I unzipped it. Looks like it unzipped the file and I can see the songs. But, i can’t get the songs in the right format to download to beat buddy. Ive downloaded individual premium songs before and when I unzipped them, a yellow file would show with a picture of beatbuddy underneath the file would show. I would click on the picture ofr beatbuddy and download it to card and beatbuddy worked perfect. But, when I unzipped the groove monkey file, everything unzips, but the little picture of beatbuddy does not show up, only the unzipped yellow file. Obvious, Im not computer savvy. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? thanks

If may be because the file is in a BeatBuddy (BB) folder format (with an extension of .pbf).

Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Import - Folder and navigate to the file you unzipped, select it and press Open.

Groove Monkee do provide a how-to for importing their rhythms to the BB.

  1. Make sure you unzip the whole bundle (which you already did).
  2. The rhythms you bought are not only provided in BB format, but in dozens of different formats. Which is handled by sub-sub-folders for each format. Go to (example for Ballads:) > Groove Monkee Ballads > Other MIDI Mappings > Ballads BB > Ballads PBF and
  3. import those *.pbf files within BBManager

I can down load Premium single beat buddy songs and I have no problem even with the manager not activated. Manager did not unzip the individual single songs, what ever program I have on my computer unzipped them. I use beatbuddy manager when I need to program the Sd card. Groove monkey unzips and I can see eveything. But like I said in original email, after unzipping, I cant see the song in Beatbuddy manager. I tried unzipping while in manager, did not help. It’s like groove monkee uses some other software and I guess I need to find what it is

Where do I find these formats? Do I just google, groove monkey ballads, etc?

No idea what computer OS you are on. But probably unzipping the file and importing it within BB Manager need to be two different steps.

Unzipping a downloaded file means all content (folders & files) is going to be stored in some place on the computer you need to remember. You probably know how to handle this. Really unzip that bundle, not only open it with the file viewer (which wouldn’t generate any content stored usable accessible for the BB Manager).

I just used the as an example. Your folder structure after unzipping will be similar, but not the same. Within BB Manager, you then need to navigate to the place where you unzipped everything, then enter the folder, enter the ‘Other MIDI Mapping’ subfolder, enter another subfolder ending with BB: Then you’ve found the place the *.pbf files are stored.

However, it is easily possible that there aren’t any *.pbf files: This means the GrooveMonkee bundle you bought isn’t meant for direct use with BeatBuddy. Check on the following page:

or consult

If you need more help, look at GrooveMonkee:

and navigate to the BeatBuddy (BB) section!

I got it . I had to unzip The Complete Collection of 2022 Groove Monkee Combo file, then drag each file to sd card It was really pretty simple.
I have another question, can I pick out the songs from groove monkee and put them on another card. If im at a live gig, I’ll be scrolling all night looking for songs. thanks for you’re help