Premium Library Complete Collection 2020- Dec Update - Project

I have had this but never done anything with it. How do I add it to what I already have on my BB?

Did you download the collection or did you also buy the collection on an SD card?

@persist I can’t remember now. It’s a zip file on my computer

If you bought the complete Premium Library Collection (PLC), and you want to merge your existing content, here’s what I’d do:

  • use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to select and File > Export > Folder to desktop;
  • collect all of the user-created drum sets in a folder on your desktop
  • have a new SD card (16-32Gb capacity) available
  • unzip the premium collection file to your desktop
  • it should appear as a folder, maybe something similar to the contents of this screen shot
  • Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 8.37.55 AM
  • If so, use your computer OS to select, copy and paste the entire folder to user/documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projects
  • use the BBM File > Open Project and navigate to your PLC folder you just pasted and open that folder; select the PLC - Project.bbp file and press Open
  • it will open and parse in your BBM
  • use BBM > File > Import > Folder for all of the content you want to merge with your PLC project
  • import the drum sets
  • insert your new and larger SD card in your computer slot reader
  • use BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card