Premium Library Cost

Does the Premium Library ever go on sale? This pandemic has halted my income and I would like to get some new beats but $209.00 IS A BIT MUCH RIGHT NOW.

Maybe around the Christmas holidays.

If you made purchases at the Library before, they can be used as an upgrade credit (up to $50) towards the Complete Collection 2021.

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Thanks - That’s a bit of a wait but, OK.

You can buy a lot of it a la carte, and then, as @GoranGrooves suggested, there may be some sort of credit when you level up to the full boat. Dunno if that helps, but I feel your pain.

its kinda pricey when you think about it.I don’t mind paying but there should be two tiers.
I’m just using it at home to practice. Not performing live and not recording to sell.
Hell, I can get almost unlimited music and movies for a whole year for less than the 219.

I get ya – I’m a self-identified cheap ba$tard! – but you also have to consider the size of the market: If @GoranGrooves doesn’t charge a decent amount of money, he can’t afford to stay in the business. If he goes out, so does the possibility of new material of that quality, built specifically for our devices.

It’s the reason I share very little of the material I’ve built for by own act: I don’t like to interfere with other people’s ability to make a living. That’s just me, though, and a lot of people (who’s approach to the topic I respect) don’t have quite that view, and they have created quite a large library of free material here on the User Generated Content part of the forum ( New songs get posted just about every day, and there is quite a library available there for free. Worth a look. There are also lots of free MIDI and MIDI-Karaoke tracks out there as well, although they will need some editing to be useful.

What kind of material are you looking for?

My two cents - most pedals are sold to hobbyists. I see the library in the same way.

Define, “hobbyist.”


Commonly understood term. I spent years in the musical equiment retail industry. Only a very small percentage of musicians make money from music. Piano and orchestral is a separate matter but when it comes to the guitar-centric segment, sales are largely based on dreams and aspirations.

According to the stats, approximately 1.25 million electric guitars are sold in the U.S. each year. The percentage that are used for earning a living is very small. There has been a huge upsurge in the worship market over recent years, in which musicians perform regularly (and that is a definite step above hobbyist) but when someone thinks about the number of paid acts in their area that are working on a regular basis, there aren’t very many.

More shuffle beats and swing as well. I like the idea of having the whole library so that I might explore when I’m practicing.
The bottom line is I’m not making a big deal out of this.
They can charge whatever they want. True.
I can’t always afford whatever I want. Also true.
Here’s a question. Let’s say an owner of the Premium Library finds that he never uses it, Can he sell it to me?

Just want to say, feel free to sign up to the mailing list to be informed of sales!