Premium Library Honky Tonk Women

I was somewhat shocked and disappointed to find that this song file didn’t have the distinctive Cowbell. Please…More Cowbell! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Add a cowbell to the drumset you are using.

If you’re not comfortable adding the cowbell to the song, you might consider using one of the user-created one-press songs available on the forum. Search for Honky Tonk Women and Phil_Flood has also posted an excellent compilation of Rolling Stones songs which you can also search for using the group’s name.

Thanks for your kind responses. I was really asking why the cowbell wasn’t already included in the premium version - and could it be?

Hard to say why it was not included…

…however, there’s no harm in suggesting or asking Goran Rista at if he could do so in a future update to the library?

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try adding the cowbell notes using a DAW (digital audio workstation) but that’s probably more than most users are willing to tackle.

Thanks again for the responses. I used to use Cubase extensively (midi and audio) until about 20 years ago, but I had hoped not to have to relearn it (still got Cubase VST on a Win98 PC, haha).
Best wishes

I have sent an Email as suggested, thanks. I have found that some of the songs in the library are much more detailed than others, and this is to be expected.

Goran was good enough to reply promptly, I’m impressed. I think I can summarise the response as “don’t hold your breath” :smiley: :smiley: No problem.
Thanks to all for your inputs.

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