Premium library issue

Hey just bought the Eric Clapton set on the premium site. Downloaded and extracted files but when I click on them there’s nothing there. I thought they were individual song files not drum beats? Does anyone have any clues, cheers

The songs are not one-press, if that’s what you are asking.

Sounds like you might have an incomplete or file corrupted during the download.

  • Delete the Clapton folder of songs from the BBM.
  • Delete the zipped Clapton file you downloaded.
  • Download, unzip and use the BBM to import the folder of songs again.
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Thanks mate I figured it out you have to import the pbf file as a folder…I was trying to import individual files.All good

Got another question tho. I have import ed the files into beatbuddy manager and I have the vintage.ludwig drum set which I think is recommended but they wont play…Any ideas?

Sorry mate it is working now had to reboot beatbuddy manager thanks for your help

This happens sometimes. Don’t know why the BBM needs to be quit and started again. After importing and activating a new drum set (by checking the box), I save the project and the song plays.

Is this happening in Windows or on a Mac?

Windows mate

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Hey persist I have to say the eric clapton beats are a bit disappointing. Especially after midnight and layla seem right off