Premium Library SD Card: The 2019 Collection Singular Sound Question?

I just received the Premium card but how do I add the drum sets and songs I’ve created myself to this card? Also how do I access and download the new content from the website when it becomes available with the subscription for all premium beats and drum kits released through 2019. Thanks.

I can think of one good reason why you might not want to do this and that is, the larger the space taken up by the content of your blended project, the longer it will take to open and export projects from your BBM to the card.

But if you really want to do so, the process is cumbersome.

If you haven’t made a copy of your premium SD card, you may want to do so first before you do anything to it. I would also lock the original and put it away and then use the backup card for your new project. As for getting the updates, you’ll probably have to send a PM to Anthony Sostre and ask as I’m sure Singular Sound doesn’t want to publish that on an open forum :neutral_face:

Check the size of the existing project in your BBM that has all of your songs and drum sets. If it’s ≥ 2.5Gb, you’ll probably want to get a 32Gb SDHC, Class 10 card. The premium card is probably about ~1.5Gb or so and you may not have enough room on a 4Gb card.

Starting with your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM):

  1. Open the project in the BBM that you want to blend with your backup card
  2. Export each folder of songs to your desktop or an easy-to-find folder
  3. Export only your custom drum sets by saving them to that folder or your desktop; keep the same names
  4. Put the backup of your unlocked premium card in your computer
  5. From the BBM File > Open Project and navigate to your backup SD card
  6. Follow the prompt to save the project (give it a name) to your computer and to sync
  7. Use the BBM to import your folders (pbf files) from your desktop
  8. Do the same for your drum sets
  9. Save project frequently as you work
  10. Open Drum Sets tab in the BBM and check the boxes for the custom kits you imported that you want to use in your project and on your pedal; if no check boxes are displayed go back to the Songs tab and check to see if those drum sets were activated after the import (usually they’re not). If the custom kits don’t appear and there are no checkboxes, you’ll have to double-click each of your custom kits and then save it and move on to the next custom kit.
  11. When you’re satisfied that you have everything you want in this blended project, then
  12. File > Export > Project to SD card; accept the prompt to overwrite and have a cup of coffee and wait for it to complete; accept the prompt to sync.
  13. If you used a new SD card, you’ll have to copy the firmware files to your SD card.
  14. Once that’s done, eject the card from your computer and with the power off on your pedal, insert the card and power it up, allowing it to complete the firmware update. Check that the songs and kits made the migration and then input your pedal settings.

Thanks for your help. I’ll do this on the weekend when I’m well rested and I’ve got plenty of time. For now I’ll just play with all this new content.

We will notify you when any updates become available. Owners of the Premium Library SD Card can download the most recent contents by logging into the website. If for any reason you have difficulty with that when you need it, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly help.