Premium library songs part descriptions

Hi, just wondering if there are any descriptions for the multi-part songs in the premium library that indicate when to change parts in the songs. E.g. the Metallica song - Nothing Else Matters has 8 parts and I am struggling to figure out at what point to change to the next part. The song comes with a couple of text files showing chords/lyrics etc and I was hoping that would also include info on which Beat Buddy song part to play for each part of the song. Can any one help with this particular song from the premium library please?

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Part 1 is where the vocals come in, of course. Fill 1 and Fill 2 happen after the first 2 “And nothing else matters…”. Transition to part 2 just before the “Never cared for what they do” vocal.

Part 2 is the first "Never cared for what they do section.

Part 3 is back to the first groove for the next verse.

Part 4 is the second “Never care for what they do” section

Part 5 is the first (quieter) guitar solo

Part 6 is the next verse after the quiet guitar solo

Now, here’;s where is gets weird. I feel like part 7 SHOULD be Groove 2 (like parts 2 and 4) because it’s a “Never cared for what they do” part. But in the one I have it’s NOT. It’s Groove 1 instead like in parts 1 and 3. So I would probably swap Groove 1 for Groove 2 on Part 7 in the BB Manager. The trans fill for part 7 is definitely the fill leading into the main guitar solo.

Part 8 is the main solo.

The outro is triggered right at the end of the main solo.

As far as how to put that together, you kind of just have to know the song pretty well. And I usually listen to the real song and compare beats in the BB Manager. It’s challenging at first but the more you do it the easier and faster you can do it. I bought the Premium version of this song a while ago but hadn’t really looked at in. In reality it breaks down like this:

Groove 1 is most of the main verses, and the “big” lead. Groove 2 is the “Never cared for what they do” parts. Groove 3 is the quiet guitar solo. So this one was pretty simple, even though there were 8 different “parts” there only 3 main midis

Keep in mind you want to trigger the transition on the measure PRIOR to where you want the beat to switch so that the transition plays at the end of one part and then moves to the next part.

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Fantastic reply, thanks so much. Just what I was looking for. Can’t wait to give it a go. :slight_smile:

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I listened to this a little bit more. I’m not sure WHY it’s designed this way, but this one did end up being pretty odd.

I think the transition fill from the “verse” to the “chorus” (“Never Cared for…”) on parts 1 and 3 and 6 is actually meant to be the first bar of the “Never cared” part (the C - A chords). Beat 1 of Groove 2 actually on the “D” chord half way through the progression.

The other thing I noticed is that the “Never cared for” part shifts from 6/4 to 3/4. This is because Metallica only does half of the last D of the progression before shifting to the Em for 2 full arpeggios.
This part also has a 3 bar of 3/4 transition fill. This all leads up to a pretty different experience. I think this is what you would do

Part 1: Start with verse 1
- Fill 1: On the second Em arpeggio after first “and nothing else matters”
- Fill 2: On the second Em arpeggio after second “and nothing else matters”
- Trigger the transition to part 2 with the strum of the “C” of the "Never cared part
Part 2: (3/4 due to the last “D” being 3 beats instead of 6 like normal)
- Transition is 3 x 3/4 bars, so 9 beats total. The Em arpeggio is 6 beats long and it happens twice at the end of this part. So you want to trigger the transition with the High-E of the of first of the 2 Em arpeggios.
Part 3: Next Verse. Same transition as part 1, on the “C”
Part 4: Same as part 2. Trigger transition on high-E of first Em arpreggion
Part 5: Quiet solo.
- Transition is 2 bars (12 beats total). Trigger on the first of the 2 Em’s after the C - D at the end of the lead.
Part 6: Next Verse. Same transition as parts 1 and 3, on the “C”
Part 7: REPLACE GROOVE 1 WITH GROOVE 2!!!. Same transition as other “Never Cared” parts, halfway through the first Em.
Part 8: Main Lead:
- Outro: The lead ends on a “G-B7-E…” You’ll want to trigger the outro when you move to the B7.

So this one ended up being pretty complicated. Partly because of how the transition off the Verses was designed, and partly because of Metallica omitted half a bar at the end of the chorus.

Hope this helps, and let us know how it turns out!

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. I think I am gonna have to map this all out on my Onsong lyric sheet to even stand a chance of getting those transitions right!! Most of my BB songs are kept pretty simple I.e. usually no more than 2 parts spruced up with a few different fills. I thought I would struggle with this one when I saw it was 8 parts :joy:

One last update. There’s a Groove 4 that’s 21 bars long in the folder for the song (It’s not in the BB Manager at all). That’s what you want to put in Part 7. That accounts for the double chorus at the end before the solo.

After all this research I decided I wanted to add this to my set. Thus, I made a 1 press drum version from the premium library song parts. If anyone who owns the Premium Track for the tune is interested in that, PM me and show your proof of purchase and I’ll send you the link.