Premium Library Update

I know I should know this by now, but I have a question regarding updating my BB content when there’s a new update to the Premium Library.

I purchased the Premium Library a few months ago (September) and have since added some new songs from users on this forum and created my own beats, all now included in BBM and on the SD card. So my question is, how do I update my SD card to include whatever new beats/songs are in the latest Premium Library update (December) without removing/deleting the songs I added outside the Premium Library? Do you have to select only the new items or do a complete download of the full library?

I think you’ll have to wait to see what Goran Rista produces in the updates. He mentioned that he was updating everything to work with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) autopilot feature and when and if a new version of the BBM is ever released with autopilot, you’ll probably have to update the entire library to take advantage of the capability. I suspect the firmware for the pedal will be updated as well.

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Thanks. I’ll wait for Goran’s message. I did look through the new update and it looks to me like it includes a new World Percussion drum set and associated new World Beats collection. I’m really looking forward to the autopilot feature though.