Premium library?

Can someone here please help with premium library. Cant access site keeps crashing and have not received the download. Not happy.

Inv 52880
Trans I D 6cy265063w093002c

Dont worry about got it sorted. Dont know why they have to make it confusing and hard??

Anyway after several site crashes was able to get on and access my profile where my downloads were all suddenly available

Only took 45 mins too :thinking:

What did you mean by site crashes? Usually, web pages load or don’t load. Sometimes you get an error code. Probably nobody can help anything without those error messages.
If you are talking about site crashes, it sounds like your web browser may have crashed as well. Which is quite different and hardly can be addressed by the beatbuddy crew.
I remember that I needed to understand where my downloads are, too. There are things you need to find out in the beginning - e.g. that and seem to be different systems with completely independent accounts. You don’t expect things like that.

Yes all of the above
By site crashes I meant I couldn’t open the site and get access to my profile. I couldnt access the download after making payment.
Anyway after about 5 or more attempts I was finally able to access my profile and find the download
All this took about 45 mins
But anyway I think it could be better organised like provide a link to the download automatically once payment has been approved

Dont know if using paypal had something to do with it. But when you use paypal you leave the singular sound site and go to paypal site to make the payment. After that I couldn’t get back into my profile on the singular sound premium site
so I could retrieve the download
Not until 45 mins and several attempts plus rebooting the computer etc etc.???
Who knows???

If I remember well, after paying (w/ credit card), I got a response for payment fulfilment (which in some online shops is an issue, too) and was directed to an overview with direct links to the downloads.
But as I missed one of the downloads out, it wasn’t as obvious to find them again.
I’m talking about purchases.
Would have been a super service to get an eMail with the download links - like I got from Groove Monkee where I directly purchased some individual packages for the BB, too.
The only thing I did get via eMail was a link to the install tutorials and an invitation to upgrade to the Complete Collection 2021.
But it’s always good if there are things to improve - nothing is perfect in this world.