Premium SD Card vs. Original SD Card

Hi, all!

I recently purchased the new Premium content card, and I’ve seen the instructions on how to update to the new content, but I have a (probably stupid) question:

Are the cards interchangeable? Can I leave my BB the way it is and just plug in the new SD card to check out the new content, but then go back to using my current old card for my show next weekend? This is also a question because I found out a buddy of mine also uses a BB at his shows. While attending his show, he asked me to get up and do a song and said, “You could just bring your SD card and plug it in to use my BB.” Is that true?

I have not updated to the latest firmware. (My desktop PC is SLOWWW right now, and I’m hesitant to mess with my current card because it has custom songs and set lists, etc. I’m also concerned that I might like some of the old versions of the songs over the new.)

I guess my question is whether the firmware is on the SD card, or if it is resident within the pedal?

Thanks for reading—any help would be greatly appreciated!

You should be able to bring your SD card however, if you can try it out beforehand like at a rehearsal that might be best so you can avoid any surprises.

And to answer your Premium content card question, it should have a project file on it so you can remove your current card and put the premium card in your pedal and audition the contents of the premium card. Just to be safe, and since it’s your original card, lock it first before you audition it.