Prep for the computer apocalypse...?

Suppose your hard drive bites the big one and all you have are the SD cards (I synchronize all changes to 3 different SD cards in case one of those dies) with all your songs. How do you restore those songs to the BB software?

All you need to do in the manager software is to choose “open project” and navigate to the SD card. Then choose the location where to save the project and the files from the SD card will be copied to your computer. Then make your changes and sync.

I’m going to try this on a PC that doesn’t have BB manager installed on it. I’ll do a fresh install and copy from the SD card. Thanks!

Psalm, I did a fresh install on my laptop and loaded all the stuff from my SD Card (that I put into the BB) into the BB Manager successfully. My question is, Do I have to EXPORT each song I’ve created (about 80 of them) to what I call “The holding tank” of songs (BB WORKSPACE > USER LIB > SONGS).

For each gig, I import from this “holding tank” the songs and create a new FOLDER in the BB manager for that gig. It makes setting up a set-list pretty quick and easy. But now, on the laptop with the fresh install, there’s nothing in that “holding tank.”

One other question. When I loaded up the songs from the SD card to the newly installed BB Manager (on the other computer), I was unable to synchronize back to that same SD card after making changes to a few songs. Only after reformatting the card and then exporting the project to the SD card was I able to synchronize to that card. Is that b/c the version of the BBM that created that card originally was older? Or is it just not possible to synchronize to cards that were created on different computers?


OK - Figured it out. I keep the “holding tank” concept alive by still utilizing the folder I created to hold/backup those songs.
All seems to be working well. However, it SEEMS that if you set up an SD card for synchronization on PC 1 running BBM 1.5, then make a change to a song on PC 2 running BBM 1.5, you can’t synchronize to that card from PC 2. From PC 2, you now have to format the card, then export the project to the card. Now that card is eternally linked to PC 2 and cannot be re-mated to PC 1 without repeating the re-format and export on PC 1. I THINK!!!???

That behavior sounds bizarre. I have been able to successfully sync changes to my SD card between two Mac computers using

Typically, when you synchronize to a card, a box pops up asking if you want to sync to the card in drive x: (or whatever the drive letter is). This box doesn’t pop up and it brings you to the tree in windows explorer.

You can only link one project to the SD card at a time So if you move the SD card between two computers you will break the link. However there is no need to format the card, just save the project to the SD card then you can sync any changes. If you move the SD card to another machine you will need to open the project to be able to create the link, or save the project on that machine to the SD card (which then overwrites the data on the SD card…but not you settings.
Hope that makes sense.

Yep. Makes sense! Thanks again!!