Preparing wav files for BB (MAC)

Guess I m not the first one going thru this - I saw some of the prior discussions - would like to understand a bit before I start investing…
Working w BB FW 4.0.1 / BBManager 1.64 on MAC - Till now only on the standard drumsets. For our Christmas gig we want to use some particular sounds (sleighbells - HoHoHooo’s etc… ) I did some trials but unsuccessful to date.
I have the doc “7 editing a drumkit” from @Phil_Flood Thanks again Phil!). I am aware of the limits on sample size (16-24) and sample rate (44.1K) - I can enter the wavs in the drumkit editor section and play them there -After saving the drumkit I can play the song with the BBManager - after download on the BB SDCard I see the changes OK on the BBScreen - The original instruments of the customised kit work fine (tested by sending the midi note from the mac) - but on the customised instruments … no sound!
(also not for the wavs of the “roll your own kit” Phil uploaded)
My question: assuming this is cause i don’t prepare correctly on mac - what should i do (remove tags? other?) - what tools should I use (still NCH’s “Switch” or is “wavepad” ok? (does have a cost …)
Please don’t let Santa down ! Ho Ho Ho

I would bet it’s the tags issue, or some other Mac wav formatting issue. I still use NCH Switch as my preferred converter. The key is to switch from Wav to Wav. Make sure your bit rate and frequency are correct. I still recommend 16 bit. 44.1khz. The other thing to do it to check the Wav file to be sure there is no leading dead space. You want the waveform to start at the beginning of the file.

After you save the edited drumkit on BBM, you need to Export project to SD card to get the edited kit onto the card. Also, be sure you followed steps 1 through 4 in the tutorial for renaming the edited kit. For example, rename Rock to Rock Xmas. The fact that you can’t hear wavs from the roll your own kits has me thinking that you might not have saved names correctly.

Hi @Phil_Flood still struggling down here… (it’s embarrassing!) - I do rename the modified kit and i hear all wavs ok thru the BBManager (1.64) on main loop and thru the accent hits - but on the BB - after export to the card (and confirmed - the modification is on the card) - only the accent hits sound - not the main loop (=drumkit) - I process files thru NCH Switch-Plus - stripping all metadata (but i m new to that - would you be willing to check one out?)

Sure, I can check a kit for you. They are too large to attach to message on the forum. You can compress it and email it to me at

Hi @Phil_Flood - just sent the kit with screenshots - many thanks if you could take a look…

Thanks, Bruno. I’ll try to take a look later tonight.

@Phil_Flood Thanks to your review I could narrow the search: there was an issue in the drum set folder of the project file (for the drumset I created there was a second file in the folder with the same drumset name in cleartext). After removing the alien file (with the drumset name in cleartext) all is now ok. (Time for me for some lessons learnt on file management for the BB ==> If sound in BBM is OK but the pedal does not play: Go check the drumset folder of the project !!

Glad i could help, and glad you got it sorted out!!!