Presentation and questions

Hi! I’m new around here. Forgive me if my English is not perfect, it is not my mother tongue.

I’m very interested in the BeatBuddy (normal), although I don’t have any yet, I’ve downloaded the Manager and started working. I have some issues that affect my head and I share them around here.

1º. The development of the firmware of this great device seems a little stopped. I am very interested in working with the bass sound next to the drums, but it is impossible to handle the length of the notes and that takes a lot of time to spend the 397$ that this device costs now in Europe. It used to be much cheaper and I don’t understand why it costs more and more.

2º. There are some very interesting parts of this forum, useful messages, that have disappeared and although I can imagine it is a copyright issue, I don’t think it’s right to remove users’ contributions like this.

Well, I have a lot more questions but I’ll leave it here for now so I don’t go into it any further. Thanks to the staff for admitting me to the forum, the registration process has not been easy either, perhaps because of using Firefox (updated). I take this opportunity to greet the musicians here from Barcelona and I hope, in spite of everything, to be a new user of this little wonder!

[]Please make sure you are using the latest versions of the software. Many of the beats were tailored to specific drum sets that were modified to work with and sound properly for bass instrument. So if a song calls for a particular kit, you download, import and activate that kit. Many of the kits that start with or have NP in their names should sound best with one-press bass songs.
]Not so much a matter of copyright as it was a failure to maintain server backups (which probably continues to this day) :frowning:

Thanks for the answer. Yeah, it’s all up to date.

Now two more questions come to mind. The first has to do with language. I find it curious that, despite the years, there is no material translated into other languages, we know that English rules, but they could get many more users (and sales) translating their manuals at least. If anyone is interested in its translation into Spanish, I offer myself selflessly from here.

Another idea is that it might be interesting to have at least the Standard+Bass kit in Kontakt format, so those of us who are passing our own songs to the BeatBuddy would have it a lot easier to know how it sounds before exporting the MIDI file. Of course, it’s possible that it can be done directly with the pedal connected via MIDI, although I don’t know that either.

Well, I keep thinking about things and I’ll post them around here.

You’re right about the lack of material in languages other than English. This has been often-requested and it makes business and marketing sense.

Probably best that the builders of the drums and bass kits address your suggestion for a Standard + Bass kit in Kontakt format. Although the concept sounds good, not sure it’s a precedent that the kit builders want to establish and then support.

Other questions are whether it will take a long time for the firmware to update to include MIDI note off recognition and the 100MB limit on drum sets to be extended. Even if there are plans to release a new version of the pedal soon that will support these and other functions that would be much needed by many of us. Thank you!

Antuan, what’s your native language? I’m currently exploring translation services and can look to include it for you. Also, where is it costing $397? You might be able to get it on our site cheaper. I know we have a warehouse in GBR that means shipping shouldn’t be too costly.

Catalunya, Spain. Higher costs probably due to VAT.