Hello, sorry for my english.
Thank you for your welcome.
I bought a BB and I wish download free or not complete songs of drum.
Where can I find this ?
Thank you very much
Bonjour à tous.
Tout d’abord, merci de votre accueil.
J’ai acheté une BB et je souhaiterais savoir où je peux télécharger gratuitement ou non des chansons complètes batterie pour la BB.
Où puis-je trouver cela ?
En vous remerciant par avance

Hello and welcome. Thank you for translating to English.

You can browse, search and find one-press songs here

You can find user-created drum sets in this category and here

If you would like to request a song, you can do so here

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Thank you very much for your rapid response

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If you’re looking for our official beats and drumsets you can find them bundled on our website, or individually here.