Presetting tempo with songs.

Having a blast with my new Beat Buddy, but when I really plan to use it is when the custom software is released.

I expect to do preset songs that will match the songs I am doing in a set.

My question is, will we be able to preset tempos along with the songs? I really hope so. I am picturing myself stepping to the next song with the footswitch, then looking at a chart of tempos and bending down to adjust the tempo before starting each song. That vs just stepping to the next song and hitting play…

As far as your question goes - yes. Each song has a default tempo setting, that is applied every time you select this song.

From what I understood on the Manager Software Video that is on the main Beat Buddy site, we will be able to totally program every componant of each song in our set list. From the intro, to main beat, to fills, to secondary beats, to accent hits, to outros and even the tempo. Once we generate our own model of a song, we will be able to save it on the SD card and it becomes a song in it’s own right, tempo included. Save enough of them and you have a set list. Hopefully, I’m right in my thinking!!! And hopefully we will be able to share songs on this site by uploading finished songs and being able to downloading other peoples efforts.
That is why everyone is so anxious to see the arrival of the management software.

By the way, to David Packouz and to the team behind this product, can I just say, that you have conceived, developed, manufactured and delivered one fantastic piece of kit. It is so intuitive and easy to use. It’s sounds are so natural. I love using this pedal. I am enjoying getting to know it and it’s fun getting more comfortable with it. The results are outstanding. A massive WELL DONE. Great job guys!!!

@Vibe4Philo - yes, you are correct in your thinking. You will be able to do all of that with the Manager software.

And thank you for your high praise!!! We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support and awesome input!