Pressing button "4" and "5" simultaneously to switch modes will stop the beatbuddy mid song

So if I want to switch to another mode, the song stops, Therefore i can’t switch modes mid song. Any suggestions? There’s always the chance of me doing something wrong. Can this be changed ? thanks.

I have never heard of this. However I have never tried to change modes in the middle of a song. Are you trying to switch over to Areos mode? Maybe you should create a custom mode that has some Beatbuddy commands and some Areos commands in the same mode. Even if you put them on different pages, at least you would just be flipping pages instead of trying to change modes in the middle of a song.

I understand I can create a custom mode, but i’m not comfortable investing the time to do that until there is a backup / restore strategy. thanks Ed. Just to be clear, this brings up the menu of “BB mode”, “Aeros Mode” or “Custom Mode” , but i think you know that.

Hey there,

This is because those commands are sent on the press and the Hold is registered by the MIDI Maestro later

Something you could do is create a template of the BeatBuddy default mode and change all the commands that would be on those buttons to be on the release instead of on the press. This way if you press and hold, those commands are never sent and you can change modes no problem

From the manual on how to make a template:

You can create a custom mode based on a template of either the BeatBuddy or Aeros default mode. Simply create a new mode, and select either Blank, BeatBuddy, or Aeros to decide the template that you will use. If you choose Blank, the mode will not be based on any template, and you will start from the beginning of the creation process. Notice, all Singular Sound Default Mode commands are available to you before you create any commands. Read more about commands on pg. 37.

Once you create a template based on a default mode, you will have the option to choose what MIDI channel the mode will be made on, this is a quick way to create all necessary commands on a specific channel.

Here it is on iOS:

Here it is on Android:

Notice how you must choose the option and then click ‘OK’, default will set the template to channel 1.

First of all I appreciate your time and you do a great job in both response and content provided for us. When The “Trinity” (BB, Aeros and Maestro) Make it to the top you will be one of the reasons. I will absolutely give this a try and let you know how I make out.

Thank you (as always) once again.

It’s definitely cool to see a detailed response from Brennan. I was testing my MIDI Maestro, and it’s not a problem to press buttons 4 and 5 to go to the mode section when Beatbuddy is playing. The default 4 is “accent hits”, and the 5 is “select part”. My Beatbuddy kept playing. I noticed that in Aeros mode, there are some pages that have “stop song” as the 4. This stopped my Beatbuddy. So, when you’re making a custom mode and you don’t want to have to worry about press or release, just don’t write any stop commands on buttons 4 or 5.

Agreed. Great support. That’s a great observation, i’ll check on that and let you know. thank you!