Pretty sure this is possible

After 1 year1/2, it’s time to make something with this ext input !
The possibilitie to choose what you want to use, like on the Beatbuddy!

Come on guy’s ! at least to replace that non functionnality of this momentary useless input,


WHEN HOLD THE SWITCH, you can have a fade out too

-Silent clear all ------ This right here. This is a major workflow pain
-reverse (if that ever happens)
-Undo/redo can just be one toggle button but really is redundant as the foot switches already do a fine job, mute/unmute could also just be a one button toggle
-Fadeout or decay function
-Honestly I feel like panning would be fine, but better suited with an actual exp pedal. (toe down left, heel down right and mix between)

I guess I would rather see options for things that the standard buttons can not provide.

There have been many requests for this. SS repeatedly said it wasn’t possible, but finally conceded that it was likely possible and the would do it if they could (or something similar).

How this gets prioritized relative to other features and when/if it will get done is pretty opaque.

Maybe just maybe we can get an under consideration tag… :man_shrugging:

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Hope that this ex plug will be useful sometimes before the Aeros gets obsolete…
Same for so-called stereo which is actually a double mono. What a pity for a piece of gear called studio.


@yanarchy it’s not double mono unless that’s all you do with it. Input nice stereo effects and you’ll be pleased.

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Yes that would be handy