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This one is taken from the recording … most players try to even out the beats per measure in this classic and thats not the way Roy played it. There are extra beats and missing beats everywhere. So this one is accurate … the PDF is VERY IMPORTANT and a little explanation is needed. Here’s an example of how it works … look at the first two line of the pdf …

What this means is, after the 4 beat count in, as soon as rimshots start, play RIFF 1 and then count to yourself 4,5,6,7 and then play RIFF 1 again and then count 4,5,6,7 and then play riff 2 (the famous one) 4X … so, the first 2 measures (riff one) are 7/8 time. The four repeats of riff 2 are 4/4 as expected.

This kind of stuff is all over the tune, but its on the pdf. Its tricky, but once you get the idea it becomes pretty easy.

PRETTY (165.5 KB)

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Thanks Phil… this is the correct timing !!!

Thank you classic Roy Orbison track