Price confusion for BB premium content

Front page says “premium library complete content 2021 starts at 149.90”

Click on it. Change drop down to download only.

Price shows as 219.99.

How does one get to the 149.90 price?

Further question: is the 20% discount then available on that 149.90 price?

I’m guessing that the $149 price on the landing page was not updated from last years price; I’m also guessing that the price probably starts at $209.

According to their web page, the discount has already been applied.

Web master notified.

Thanks for good guess, @persist.


Well done Singular.

Another chance to make a sale squashed. Second time I’ve started to purchase premium content and then been sufficiently annoyed to just walk away.

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Yeah, I was confused by this as well. Was looking all over for the $149 deal. Even at $209, what is the regular price? Would be nice to know how much it was marked down. $149 would have been a definite buy for me.

The Groove Monkee is $149,90 if you choose the download


Apologies for the confusion here guys, yes - it’s the Groove Monkee Content that is at that price. I will edit the home page to reduce confusion.

Edit: We’ve just changed the pricing on the homepage.

Ah ha! Well done. That explains it all.

Seems slightly disingenuous/sleezy advertising to put a picture of the premium content bundle when the price is for the groove monkey pack, but at least it makes sense now.


I just bought the premium content…And if I get it right…I saved about $600. I did not get the 20% discount from the $229.00 price, but I did ask.Figure I really can’t whine too much at the price I did pay.