I have been eyeing these Beatbuddy pedals for a while. They look super cool, and would be a great addition to my pedal board. It would be a super handy too for writing demo’s too, But I am having a really hard time getting past the price point. $350 for a “digital” pedal is pretty steep in my opinion. I assume these are made in China (correct me if I am wrong)? I would have thought pricing them somewhere around $199 would be more reasonable (same price point other digital \ looper pedals…Boss RC3 etc…).
Hopefully they will come down in price once they have “matured” in the market place. Or maybe i’ll come across a used one at some point. Otherwise I just can’t see myself pulling the trigger… which is too bad, because I really want one! In the meantime, I guess i’ll just keep using my boss loopstation for now :frowning:
I don’t mean this as an insult to the manufacturer. I know a lot of work went into the design of these pedals… but I don’t know that many people how would drop $350 on a pedal… not including shipping, tax, duty etc (if you are importing it).


I got mine through the indigogo campaign and would not have been able to afford it at the full price. However it comes down to supply and demand and it appears many are willing to pay the price and would say it is worth it! With the cost comes the on going support for the software, although that is little condolence to a Mac user at the moment. So you are getting an ever evolving product at the moment with ever evolving software to control it. Currently you can only get it direct but eventually it will available in stores at the same price.
I have seen a couple on Ebay so you may want to look there to get an almost brand new one.


I am up in Canada, so this pedal would cost me $450 by the time I pay for shipping, duty, and US currency conversion. And that doesn’t include the footswitch etc… And most music gear sold up here is priced very competitively with the US. So $450 for a pedal is just ridiculous (IMHO). I guess i’ll just have to be patient and wait and see if this pedal makes it’s way into the retail world up here. Hopefully it does, and hopefully the price drops significantly :slight_smile:
I find it unfathomable that there is no MAC support for these (and I hate Apple Products with a passion!). But I am sure that will eventually change. It has too, as I don’t really know anyone who uses PC’s as a DAW anymore?
Either way… this is a super cool pedal. These are all just growing pains of a new product \ company. I am sure i’ll get my hand on one some day.