Pride and Joy -- with count-in

I’m noticing a slight delay on starting songs, so if the BB has to start after you do, it’s a bit hard to sync up. So here’s Pride and Joy by SRV with a 4-count and a build.

I’m considering writing parts that reflect the stops, but so far, I haven’t had an issue starting and stopping BB.



Cheers Joe, must stop being lazy and create some “beats” myself.

i was told that the release of the pedal is when things happen not when you press it. try holding the pedal down at the start and then release it to start the intro. same in other parts of song too from memory i personally would prefer the down press but i suppose then the double press may no register.

This won’t work, as if you hold the pedal for at about 2 seconds (while stopped) you will enter tap tempo mode.

Thanks for posting Joe.
Pride and Joy is working fine on my BeatBuddy.
Great work.

You are able to change the pedal to start on the press instead of the release if you want to. Simply press the Tempo and Drum Set buttons together to enter the settings. Then go to Main Pedal --> Start Beat --> Press. Then follow the menu items to exit out of the settings. Hope that is useful.

Many thanks.
It’s great

This is my first post and first download. Sounds great. I am waiting for my Beatbuddy to arrive from a Guitar Center order and I figured why not familiarize myself with the program and website while I’m waiting…

Can someone re-post this please??

Here is the one I have, which was exported out from the “My Folder M thru P” folder pbf file which contains many songs. Not sure this is the one you needed.

Here is the link to the entire M-P folder:

Whatcha looking for to repost? And did the Royal Lerxt take care of what you needed?


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Yes he did…thanks…

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Glad to be of help. Enjoy.

I can’t find the pride and joy beat …

Old thread, old forum. Try this:

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thank you very much …
BTW I saw the video of pride and joy and you guys are very good …
would love to play half as good as that

You are far too kind. Thanks for the kind words!