Problem button

I seem to be having intermittent issue with the button I use for changing parts. Other than customising another button and relearning which one I need to hit is there a bit of simple maintenance I can ensure a positive result each hit? With two gigs coming up this Saturday I’m a little concerned.

Standard caveat: there’s no guarantee that what I’m suggesting will permanently fix your issue but it’s certainly a starting point as it sounds like the switch you’re having trouble with is suffering from poor conductivity. It could be as simple as a dirty switch or something more drastic such as a switch indicating it’s about to fail.

Unplug the pedal. Give the switch you’re having trouble with a blast of something similar [canned compressed air]. You are cleaning the shaft of the switch. Don’t overdo it with the compressed air.

If that doesn’t work, try using a little bit of DeoxIT D5 which will help to clean the internal connectivity of the switch. Sometimes it takes DeoxIT up to 24 hours to penetrate and clear out the corrosion or whatever might be interfering with the switch connectivity.

Let us know what you do to restore full functionality and good luck.

Canned compressed air

DeoxIT D5

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

The air can seems to have worked. Thanks. Reluctant to add ‘lube’ to electrics.

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