Problem Creating a Custom Drumset

Looking for some help please as this is driving me round the bend!

I believe I’ve followed the instructions from to the letter. This has resulted in the following:

I successfully add samples (16 bit, 44.1KHz stereo) to a number of instruments. When I click on the play button to the right of the filename within a specific instrument it plays the sample as expected

I name the drumset and then save it. In the user_lib/wave_sources directory a sub directory is created that matches the name of my new drumset. In there are further subfolders for each instrument containing the samples I’ve loaded up, i.e. these have been created by the BeatBuddy Manager

Under the user_lib/drum_sets folder there is also the .drm file associated with the drumset I created

If I then try to play a song using the drumset I get silence (all other included drumsets work as expected).

If I reload the drumset then all of my samples are still visible in each instrument but if I now click the play button to the right of the filename within the instrument then all I get is silence

All samples have been added with a 0-127 dynamic range

I have only added samples to a small number of instruments (kick, snare, hi-hat). I’ve left the rest of the default instruments empty of samples

I’ve tried starting from scratch, i.e. uninstall / reinstall of BeatBuddy Manager software (including deleting the BBWorkspace directory which isn’t completely removed by the uninstall) but get the same results

I’m using BeatBuddy Manager v1.6.5.0 on Windows 10

Anyone got any idea what I’m doing wrong here?



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This sounds like my original drumkit creation problem. The Key was to strip all meta data from the wav samples. I used NCH Switch, which I find works great. However, there are other meta data strippers available.

Thank you for replying Phil. I still couldn’t get it to work but I found a workaround by making a copy of a standard drumset and then just replacing it’s samples with my samples. For some reason that works but creating a brand new drumset doesn’t.

Showing up 4 years later to say this is somehow still a problem in 2022. Owned a BB since 2018. Every couple months I come back to it thinking this will be the time I wade through the programming mess and really integrate it into my workflow, and every time it trips me up. Wild how much I want to like this piece of gear and how utterly frustrating the user interface is after all this time.