Problem exporting Cakewalk midifile to BB?

Hi there,

I’m trying to import a simple midifile type 1 drum track created into Cakelwalk by Bandlab into BB.

But I have this error :
bb err midifile

Here is the midifile :

Is there something specific to know before importing such a midifile ?

Thanks for your help

I opened your MIDI file in Logic Pro X and here’s a screen shot (thanks for including the MIDI file as it makes a huge difference for those inclined to offer you a suggestion on what could have gone wrong):

Here’s what it should look like. You need to move the drum region to the left to 1 1 before exporting your file from Cakewalk to MIDI.
Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 2.07.50 PM

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waooo ! Thanks for your help. You must be right. But I then face another problem : because I exported a rythm that really starts at 1:0:0. And apparently cakewalk inserts an empty bar at the beginning of a midifile !!!

see the screencopy : the first track is the original one I exported.
The second one is the MIDIFILE I imported back into cakewalk… Slided by 1 measure…

I wonder why cakewalk does that ! Looking at the events, it seems that it keep one safe first measure to insert all the program changes, tempo changes, signature events, volume and pan control, etc…

I’m not a Cakewalk user and I think your best bet would be to rely on another Cakewalk user.

While you wait for a reply, from a Cakewalk user here’s what I’d try:

  1. Delete the MIDI track (the brown one?) that contains all of the MIDI instructions i.e., program changes, tempo changes, signature events, volume and pan control; if the brown track does not hold the MIDI instructions, you’ll have to find out where they’re managed by Cakewalk and remove them from there. For example, in Logic Pro X, I can select a MIDI region (track), press D and display all of the MIDI note instructions, I select all the notes in the window and then delete them. The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and BeatBuddy (BB) don’t read or interpret them anyway.
  2. Go to the white track and cut or trim to remove the blank part of the track before the first drum note and then move the track to 1-1
  3. Select only the drum track and export it to MIDI and then add it to your song within the BBM.

Let me know how it works out for you.

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Thanks for your help.

I did what you said, but same problem : even if there is no more non-midi-note event in the midifile, it starts at 2:0:0 instead of 1:0:0… here it is :

PS: I post a topic on the cakewalk forum, we’ll see…

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Did a quick web search and found this:

Don’t know if it will help, but perhaps it’s a start.

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A guy on the cakewalk forum helped me and correct what I was doing wrong. See here :

thanks for your help

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