Problem Synchronizing to SD card

In beat buddy manager im trying to make my own setlist. Im creating new folders by artist name and importing the songs from “BBWorkspace\user_lib\songs”. When Im done in beat buddy manager I go to “file>export>project to SD card” but a menu pops up asking if I want to “use saved location to write project to C:/” but the SD card is D:/ and the new folders im adding are not sycronizing to the SD card (D:/). Shouldnt this export to the D:/ (SD card) by default? I cannot get new folders I create to syncronize with the existing project on the SD card unless I format the SD card and export the whole project from beat buddy manager everytime I add new folders/songs.

Also, Should the beat buddy SD card be set to a FAT32 file system with 4096 for the allocation unit size and the volume label “BEATBUDDYSD”?

Yes, FAT32; I don’t know about the 4096 allocation unit but I would leave it set at whatever the default might be. You can name the SD card any name you want—it doesn’t have to be NO NAME or BEATBUDDYSD.