problem with accents

Hi guys in the last week my external footswitch stopped playing accents (crashes etc) it still paused but no accents. It then started playing them intermitently n even randomly i e 5 seconds after i had pressed them at a gig, I have just tried uploading a few new drum beats i downloaded from the Forum, everytime i try to upload ones that have accents in the file, an error is coming up saying unble to extract Accent Hit Effects of Portable song…skipping file. Files with no accents in are uploading no problem, initially i thought my foot switch was the problem , but this is now pointing to a fault in the pedal ?

I reconfigured the footswitch settings and moved the accent from switch 1 to 2 accents seem to be working now on Switch 2 but other button (1) which is now assigned to PAUSE doesn’t work so I think it IS the footswitch.
So the problem is why cant i EXTRACT wave (accent FX) files from the Forum songs I have tried 4 different members , I have loads already loaded without a problem before I started having this problem with the footswitch. Could it be a bug/virus in the SD Card ?

Try running the footswitch configurator again - but it does sound like there may be a problem with the footswitch. If you are using the singular sound one you can easily open it up and check that all the wires are connected.

The other issue sounds like the known bug that everyone is reporting.